Building Your Investment Program


Explore if a broker-dealer relationship can provide the support needed to create an investment program for your financial institution.

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Take the time to see if your financial’s institutions program is operating at full potential.

Securities America as a Third Party Marketer

Choosing Securities America as a Partner


The best third party marketer relationship is about choosing a team that understands your needs and the vision for the program.

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“Through their Financial Institution focus, Securities America has done a good job developing the reports and compiling the statistics that are most meaningful to my bank board, allowing me to show them where our profitability can come from, or where new opportunities may lie.”
Gina Van Baren, Financial Advisor, DeMotte State Bank, DeMotte, IN

Do you currently have an investment program in place but are looking for a new partner to help you grow that program? Or perhaps you’re considering adding an investment program as a way to generate a new income source or provide enhanced customer offerings. In either scenario, Securities America stands ready to assist you with premiere technology, proven wealth management programs and experienced, personalized support.

In order to remain competitive, attract new consumers, increase fee income and meet the needs of increasingly investment-savvy members and customers, Financial Institutions (banks and credit unions) have realized the benefits of offering an investment services program that is both flexible and comprehensive. Securities America’s Financial Institutions Division can help you gain a distinct competitive advantage. Our robust, turn-key programs maximize existing relationships and expand your brand into untapped markets, driving dollars into both depository and investment products.

Call us today and learn how we can help make your Financial Institution more profitable! For a custom review of your program to determine how Securities America might benefit your branch, call 866-346-4568 or email