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Welcome to Securities America’s Financial Institution Solutions website. Here you will find information on our wide array of proven programs, unique services and how your Bank or Credit Union could benefit through a partnership with Securities America. Do you currently have an investment program in place but are looking for a new partner to help you grow that program? Or perhaps you’re considering adding an investment program as a way to generate a new income source or provide enhanced customer offerings. In either scenario, Securities America stands ready to assist you with premiere technology, proven wealth management programs and experienced, personalized support.

In order to remain competitive, attract new consumers, increase fee income and meet the needs of increasingly investment-savvy members and customers, Financial Institutions (banks and credit unions) have realized the benefits of offering an investment services program that is both flexible and comprehensive. Securities America’s Financial Institutions Division can help you gain a distinct competitive advantage. Our robust, turn-key programs maximize existing relationships and expand your brand into untapped markets, driving dollars into both depository and investment products.

Securities America delivers a diverse selection of investment and insurance products, detailed, hands-on professional development, and a fully integrated technology platform customized to meet the unique reporting needs of banks and credit unions. We’ll also provide the support you need to address the responsibility of regulatory updates and compliance oversight.

Securities America is committed to growing your investment services program!

We are a premier independent broker/dealer with over 25 years of experience providing back office support and leading-edge technology to more than 1,800 registered representatives nationwide. With a proven track record of helping Financial Institutions achieve greater results, our in-house staff has decades of experience working with and in Financial Institutions, so we have a keen understanding of your unique needs, challenges and opportunities.

As a member of the Ladenburg Thalmann family of companies, Securities America delivers a powerful combination of intellectual stability and financial innovation to your investment program. A relationship with our firm allows you to maintain your established brand and independence as a uniquely individual Financial Institution, while at the same time increasing your value proposition, variety of non-proprietary products you’re able to offer, and attract new and profitable relationships.

Securities America stands ready to help your Financial Institution with compliance supervision, in-house, real-time data processing, prompt response times, competitive pricing and flexible structure. From technology to compliance to program development, everything we do is aimed at making it easier for you to do business, grow your revenue and provide superior service.

Why do you need to affiliate with a broker/dealer?

  • To broaden and deepen client/member relationships
  • To stay ahead of the ever-expanding list of competitors
  • To be able to provide financial alternatives to all client members, regardless of their stage in life
  • To be able to retain client members as demographic trends point to an increased need for professional wealth management
  • To help drive additional income

Avoid the trap of unnecessary capital investment. Let us review your program and give you a recommendation on how a partnership with Securities America might benefit you. We encourage you to learn more about the diverse product selection and dynamic support services we can provide, along with our comprehensive training program. We’ll help you put a program in place that should substantially enhance member services and benefit your bottom line (or, if you have an investment program already in place, let us show you how Securities America can enhance what you already have!).

If you have an investment program, how successful is it? How do you know? If you’re not sure how your investment program stacks up against your competitors, you should definitely take the free “Benchmarking Survey”. Or print off a copy of our free “Broker/Dealer Scorecard” and compare Securities America’s programs and services to other third party managers to see how we measure up!

Don’t be consumed by the cost to remain competitive…

Call us today and learn how we can help make your Financial Institution more profitable! For a custom review of your program to determine how Securities America might benefit your branch, call 866-346-4568 or email